8/30 and 9/30 – Elimination Diet

Before we start, can I just say that I find it so strange that I can fit into pants that I could not fit two weeks ago and yet I haven’t lost weight. What the heck?

Oh well, let’s dig in!

Day 8

Breakfast – Spinach Omelet and Fresh Berries with Coconut Cream

Yay, mixing things up! Going with the berries for the lower sugar content and trying to get in some greens with my omelet. I got the coconut cream idea here. Very satisfying and I wasn’t hungry in an hour.

Snack aka/Lunch – Green Smoothie

Snack was lunch at noon, I was starving, it was just that kind of day. Oh my goodness was it that kind of crazy day. The joy of having twins. I had my usual fabulous favorite. Banana, spinach, strawberries, chia seeds, almond butter, almond milk. Faster than making lunch for sure.

Lunch aka/Snack – Chicken Kale Soup

By now it was almost 4! This soup was born out of necessity and starvation but sadly the kale was so strong, almost like horseradish that I couldn’t even finish it. Ay, ay, ay. Anyhow, made from leftover stock and chicken and chopped kale. Had I eaten kale like this to start with I might have never eaten kale again. Boy was I a grouch-o!

Dinner – And Then Came This

I do not condone this in any way. But necessity, you know…

Yes, this is a lettuce wrapped burger…take out…I’m so ashamed…well, not really. In n’ Out offers an all protein burger. I will say that I kinda liked it. In no way do I think that replacing the bun with iceburg lettuce is acceptable, no nutrients to be found there but at least I avoided the the sugary, starchy, insulin spiking bun (and maintained my no grain stance!). To continue, there are very few redeeming qualities to this burger, except that it was fast, cheap and I didn’t have to cook it. The burger itself is beef from a feed lot, who knows where the veggies came from and the sauce, all sugar and MSG no doubt, oh well. What’s a mama to do when life is so crazy? At least I followed it up with this…

Dessert – Fresh Juice and a Coconut Banana Muffin

I had to meet my veggie, color, quota so in came the juice and I had to nurture my fried nerves, so in came the muffin. Nothing like a bit of baking to calm the mama. Recipe for the muffins came from here. The muffins were yummy. They were almost custard like, not cakey or bread-like at all, yet my carb desires were satisfied.

Day 9

Breakfast – Spinach Omelet with Pork Sausage

Sorry no time for a picture and I completely ran out of berries, so the omelet was solo. I made one for my fabulous hubby also, since he was nice enough to stick around and help feed the babies this morning. I was thinking, over my very yummy breakfast, just how much I couldn’t wait for this week to be over!

Snack – Cara Cara Orange

Isn’t it pretty? I’d say this equals about a cup of beautiful, bright, orange color right here.

Lunch – Savory Butternut Squash with Chicken

This picture doesn’t really do the meal justice. It was so good. I had some leftover butternut squash in the fridge, so I sliced it and threw it in a pan with some sliced fennel and leek. I added water and covered it with a lid, allowed the squash to soften. Once softened, I took off the lid, added some salt, coconut oil and some chopped kale and sauteed the veggies. I plated it, topped it with chicken and fresh grated nutmeg and viola! Beautiful, colorful, leafy green lunch. I was thinking, over lunch, that my day was shaping up pretty good.

Snack – Green Smoothie

I’ll happily say it again. Half a banana, about 2 cups or more of spinach, 5 frozen strawberries, 2 T almond butter, chia seeds, almond milk. Still my fave!

Dinner – Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce (and Beef Liver…mmm)

If you read my very first post, you would see that Dr. Wahls suggests organ meat. Up until now, I wasn’t sure how to acquire it, besides the farmer’s market, but it wasn’t in the budget last week. Anyhow, I wound up at the store and was able to purchase the liver right out of the meat case. Um yay…I think. It isn’t grass-fed, but I’ll fit that in this weekend’s farmer’s market budget, in the meantime, I hope this is ok. I think almost everyone at the table kinda liked it, except for me, of course. I can eat it, but I don’t have to like it.

  • 1 spaghetti squash, cut in half
  • tomato sauce, homemade or jarred (no added sugar)
  • 1 lb ground beef, preferably grass fed
  • .5 of 1 beef liver, chopped, preferably grass fed
  • 1 clove garlic, chopped
  • salt and pepper, to taste

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Cut a spaghetti squash in half and place both halves face down on a baking sheet and pour about two cups of water into the pan. Bake until a knife can easily pierce the skin of the squash (about 40-45 minutes) and even at this point you may want to flip over one half and check with a fork to make sure the squash is tender enough.

– As an aside – long before I started the squash I emptied the contents of one very large can of whole peeled tomatoes into a pot, added 2 cloves chopped garlic and a good helping of dried oregano. I smashed the tomatoes with a potato masher and then let them cook down to a lovely thick sauce before seasoning with salt. I like my sauce simple! – Back to the regularly scheduled program –

Cook ground beef and chopped liver with garlic and season to taste, add tomato sauce. Shred the spaghetti squash onto a plate, top with sauce and serve with some steamed veggies on the side, I chose broccoli.

This dish has probably been done a million times in lots of different ways, but this one is simple and easy and my girls love it, at least everyone but Em (her day today was a lot like mama’s was yesterday, she was a tad grouchy).

Dessert – Fresh Juice

Once again striving to meet my quota of color, leafy and sulfur rich foods, juice is quickly becoming a staple because I seriously can’t eat that many veggies before I’m veggied out! This is what I have left in the fridge…so, purple cabbage, carrots, apple, ginger, broccoli stalk (no crowns, that was dinner), and kale (the same kale that was so strong in my soup yesterday translated into a lovely mix for juice). The colors in the foam are so pretty.

And two more days down! I’m hoping that yesterday was the bottom of my slump and it’s a little better from here on out.

As another aside – I’m working on beef broth with some beef marrow bones I also got at the store…it’s been simmering away for hours now. Bone broth is supposed to be very nourishing. I think this will make great soups and even just a nice, simple soothing broth to sip (I always liked doing that as a kid).


2 thoughts on “8/30 and 9/30 – Elimination Diet

  1. Wow, what an amazing menu for just one day! I’m not exactly sure what this elimination diet you mention is (and I can’t read up because I am tucking the littles in for their naps), but it looks delicious! So glad you liked the banana walnut muffins!

    • I loved the muffins, they were so great and my husband and girls devoured them. Thank you for posting such a great recipe! On my elimination diet I’ve removed grains, legumes, dairy, and almost all soy. I may bring some of these items back after 30 days but I’m not 100% sure. It’s a traditional elimination style diet. I’m trying to determine what foods I’m most sensitive to so that I can limit or remove them from my diet completely in hopes of keeping any disabilities (from MS) at bay. I was inspired by Dr. Wahls and her amazing transformation with healthful foods that enabled her to walk after MS had put her in a wheelchair. If you would like to see her speak about her healing, she has a You Tube video here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLjgBLwH3Wc&feature=youtu.be …or you can web search her as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really look forward to reading more of your blog!

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